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Prosecutors Reveal New Text Exchanges Between Jared Fogle and Adult Escorts: ‘Do You Have Any Access to Young Girls?’

Like 15 or 16?” Fogle texts an adult escort, in one example not previously released. Fogle adds that sex with girls that age “is what I crave!” and adds, “I would hook you up nicely if you [helped]. The escort responds that she has a cousin who is 15.

‘Girlfriend Experience’ and Starz have some of the best sex on TV

Who would’ve guessed some of the best sex on TV would come from the dark escapades of a high-end escort? Starz, it seems, and rightfully so. Two weeks into The Girlfriend Experience and we’re hooked (the 30-minute episodes air Sunday nights at 8 ET/PT …

‘The Girlfriend Experience’ explores the life of a high-priced escort

Unlike the film, Riley Keough plays Christine Reade, a successful law student at a top university who takes a job as a high-end escort. “It was important for the show to portray ‘a woman who likes sex, and without guilt and without shame,’ ” says …